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Friday, June 15, 2018

What is an air quality Forecast and Caution and how does it impact me?

During wildfire season, you will likely see DEQ issue an air quality Forecast and Caution to inform the public when smoke concentrations have reached, or are forecasted to reach and persist, at levels likely to affect your health.  A Forecast and Caution is intended to help you make informed health choices for the day and to limit further buildup of pollution in the affected areas.

The Forecast and Caution will include specific warnings and advice to those most susceptible to the effects of smoke.  It also prohibits intentional open burning on state and federal lands until the Forecast and Caution is lifted.

Let’s hope we have very little need for any Forecast and Cautions notices this summer and avoid wildfires altogether!

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

Idaho could experience an above-normal wildfire season this summer. The Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) suggests planning your wildfire response now to keep your family safe and limit exposure to wildfire smoke.

According to National Interagency Fire Center’s Predictive Services forecasts, Idaho is expected to be above normal for significant wildland fire potential in July and August. View their June forecast summary here.


DEQ recommends taking the following steps to prepare for the upcoming wildfire season:
  • Bookmark air quality reporting websites. Many of these websites display current air quality conditions and provide links to smoke forecasts and ways to help you plan ahead. Recommended air quality websites are listed below.
  • Do your research and make a plan. Develop a family evacuation plan, work with your doctor on a prescription medicine plan, or equip your home with clean air resources. It all takes time, so start working now on the best solutions for your family.

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