Idaho Smoke Map

Idaho Smoke Map Legend

**(Preliminary Data Warning: Data found on the map shown below is preliminary and is subject to change. Data is in local standard time format - no adjustment for daylight savings time. The map is not able to display the temporary monitors. Check the AIR QUALITY NOW tab below for links for these monitors.


A few of the many webcams available in the area of Idaho most likely to experience smoke impacts.

·         DEQ air quality webcams for Lewiston, Moscow, and Grangeville:
·         ITD roadway webcams:
·         Sawtooth Camera in Stanley:
·         Redfish Lake (Sawtooth Interpretive and Historical Assoc.):
·         Cascade (Kelly’s Whitewater Park):
·         City of Boise air quality webcam:
·         NWS Boise:
·         City of Idaho Falls :
·         TetonCam:


  1. The camera feed link for City of Idaho Falls needs to be updated as it (apparently) changed.

  2. Thank you for letting us know. It should be fixed now.