Idaho Smoke Map

Idaho Smoke Map Legend

**(Preliminary Data Warning: Data found on the map shown below is preliminary and is subject to change. Data is in local standard time format - no adjustment for daylight savings time. The map is not able to display the temporary monitors. Check the AIR QUALITY NOW tab below for links for these monitors.


Determining where the smoke you see is coming from may be difficult.  These pages can help.
Information about fires in neighboring states that might be impacting Idaho’s air quality:

Information about prescribed fires in Idaho

Other sources of information about wildfires:


  1. you might consider adding western Canada - a lot seems to coming down from the BC fires

  2. Thanks Good suggestion. I'll work on adding one. In the meantime here's a couple addresses to check out:

  3. I'm in Sandpoint. How far will I have to drive to find a place that isn't smoky to watch the meteor showers tonight?

  4. Keep track of the map at the top of the blog pages and look for the closest green dot. Thats where you'll find decent air quality at the time you look anyway. Seattle or Great Falls Montana are about the closest places I see right now at 1230pm. That will likely change as the weather system begins to push smoke around later tonight. A thunderstorm may spark new fires too. So no guarantees anywhere really. Sorry for the doom and gloom, there will probably be plenty of areas around the inland northwest that will be clear for good viewing. Track with the weatherman too. They'll be watching out for good viewing opportunities as well.

  5. Sorry, it looks like our map is having trouble loading again today. You can get the same information from the Air Quality Now tab. Select the Idaho DEQ link for nearby monitors or go to for access to air quality monitors around the nation.