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**(Preliminary Data Warning: Data found on the map shown below is preliminary and is subject to change. Data is in local standard time format - no adjustment for daylight savings time.

Friday, September 4, 2020

A little smoky at first with clearing later in the weekend

There may have been some smoke yesterday but the air quality monitors stayed in the good to moderate range and are forecast to stay there today.

Today, there is lots of smoke this morning across the Northwest and Idaho can expect light to moderate impacts throughout the state with the heaviest impacts continuing to be in Central Idaho. Impacts will be higher in the morning and lower once the morning inversion breaks and smoke is able to rise during the day. There will be little horizontal movement of the smoke, however. Improvements at the surface will be from the smoke rising with daytime heating and becoming a general haze. Smoke will settle in again this evening in the same general locations it was this morning. Saturday should see similar smoke impacts as today. with occasional waves of smoke arriving from the west throughout the day bringing light to moderate impacts across the state.

Some relief will come Sunday and Monday. Air quality should see some improvement, particularly in North Idaho on Sunday. Monday will see clear air coming from north to south across the state through the day but impacts should still be expected in proximity to local fires burning in Central Idaho. Tuesday will likely see good air quality throughout the state.

GOES-17 Visible satellite imagery (12-14UTC 04092020) indicates widespread smoke across Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.
  Entrenched smoke is evident in the valleys and canyons of central Idaho.

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