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**(Preliminary Data Warning: Data found on the map shown below is preliminary and is subject to change. Data is in local standard time format - no adjustment for daylight savings time.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Light to Moderate Smoke Impacts Today

24 hr AQI data indicate good air quality for most of the state and moderate air quality in central Idaho yesterday. Current and forecast air quality for today is also good to moderate. Tomorrow looks to have very light winds and stagnant conditions.

Today, there looks to be smoke impacts across central and southern Idaho while the Panhandle remains mostly clear. Central Idaho is seeming the most amount of smoke at this time. Impacts will be higher in the mornings and lower once the morning inversion breaks and mixing can begin. There is little movement in the smoke today, with improvement occurring because the smoke will rise rather than move out of the region. Because of this tendency, smoke will settle in once more this evening in the same general location it was this morning.

HRRR-Smoke 09Z near surface smoke forecast indicates higher concentrations of smoke starting in Central Idaho today and shifting south into the Snake River Plain before briefly lifting this afternoon and evening.  This smoke will then settle back down to the valley floors beginning by sunset.

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  1. I think you're wrong. We're in Cascade Idaho and the smoke is very thick...